Snow Plowing Driveway Small Package

Snow Plowing Driveway Small Package

Libertyville, Illinois, Libertyville
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Experience: A home with a small size driveway and patio

What to expect: A team of one or more members will clean the driveway with a vehicle attached plow and also had showel walk ways if needed.  The effort should take no longer than 30 minutes.

What will be offered: The team will bring all equipment for the snow removal 

Location of the Event or Experience: At your location, timing will be as per your booking, any changes will be communicated by the snow plow mainteannce coordinator if needed.  

Notes: The snow plow care  team would like to know if there are any guidanances you have around pets or other care that needs to be taken around the home during the service. 

$40.00 Per Session
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